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      claritas - unitas - integritas - consonantia

cogitate incognitum

think the unthinkable


M. Atilla Öner


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    Teaches courses on    My Approach to Teaching
    Supervises MS and PhD Theses in
     Areas of Research Interest
  • Public Policy and Strategies
  • Manufacturing and Technology Strategies
  • Business Planning and Improvement
  • Third Sector Management Development
  Turkey 2023: National Innovation Studies

This book reviews national foresight studies in different countries and futures studies in Turkey. It proposes a new method for national foresight study in Turkey.

 (in Turkish).

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 2015 e-book

Excellent Management Model in the Third Sector


This book aims to contribute to improving the management capacities of third sector organizations by detailed discussion of EFQM Management Excellence Model. It reports research  results on the weights of EFQM model components in Turkey. (in Turkish)

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