tekhne - scientia - praksis - gnosis - relatio
            claritas - unitas - integritas - consonantia

cogitate incognitum

düşünülmeyeni düşün


Doç. Dr.  M. Atilla Öner


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Sistemik Düşünme - Systemic  Business Thinking

The development of the capacity of future company managers (students!) to think strategically and systemically about a company, its business position, and how it can gain sustainable competitive advantage is very important for ensuring sustainable development of a country. This course will develop students’ powers of managerial judgement. It will help them learn how to assess business risk, and provide them with a stronger understanding of the competitive challenges of a global market environment. This course integrates strategic business thinking with systems thinking.


Stratejik Teknoloji Yönetimi - Strategic Technology Management

Technology in a firm is the knowledge of the productive capabilities of the firm’s businesses. This course will cover the formulation of technology strategy in order to anticipate, create, and use technology for economic advantage. The students will focus on the problem of managing strategic technologies in various Turkish companies.


ArGe Yönetimi - R&D Management   Bu dersi alanlar ne dedi? 27 Ocak 1999

The need to innovate is common to companies in all sectors, no matter what size they are or where in the world they are based. Every company should have a business plan in which issues of strategy are considered. As part of the planning process, it is essential to manage the R&D needs of the business. This course will cover the formulation and implementation of  R&D  strategy in order to anticipate, create, and use technology for economic advantage. Course projects will focus  student groups on the R&D management activities in various Turkish companies.


Yeni Ürün Geliştirme - New Product Development

Excellence in product development is built on three critical foundations. These comprise the activities aimed at generating, retaining, and integrating knowledge. These are crucial building blocks for conceptualization and implementation of a  new product. This course will focus on each of these foundations in detail, covering a variety of  methodologies and approaches: a combination of teaching materials, including case discussions, interactive presentations and a project.


Ürün Yönetimi - Product Management

Company manageres need to familiarize themselves with applications of relativelly recent new product development and mananagement techniques. They need to use market research data and marketing models for new product development and management. This course will cover conceptual frameworks, methodological approaches and applications of related topics in the area of product management.


Proje Yönetimi - Project Management

Project management with special emphasis on human and organizational sides of the projects is important for both public organizations and private companies, if they desire to achieve their goals. Goal Directed Project Management, in its central focus on developing understanding, involvement and commitment amongst those involved, is a key ingredient in managing successful and lasting change.


Üretim ve Operasyon Yönetimi - Production and Operations Management

This course introduces the student to planning, organizing, and controlling production and service systems. The impact of new product and process technologies will also be covered. This course will prepare students for production and/or operations management positions found in both manufacturing (automotive, steel, chemical, energy, etc.) and service organizations (e.g., banks, insurance companies, etc.). This course provides students with a broad conceptual framework for evaluating production and operations management practices, and for developing useful intuition into the strategies and tactics that companies are employing to become world-class firms.


Bakım Yönetimi - Maintenance Management

The course introduces the student to issues in machine and product failures that can have far-reaching effects on organization’s operation, reputation and profitability. It provides students with a broad conceptual framework for evaluating maintenance and reliability management practices, and for developing useful intuition into the strategies and tactics that companies are employing to avoid and/or minimize machine and product failures.


Sosyal Sorumluluk - Social Responsibility


Üçüncü Sektör Kuruluşlarının Yönetimi - Managing 3rd Sector Organizations

It is expected that the third-sector organizations will play a much bigger role in the Turkish society. Application of modern management techniques in the TSO will enhance their effective, efficient and economic contribution to Turkish society. This course aims

1.  to introduce the students to the third sector; its historical, sociological, economic and cultural importance,

2.  to familiarize them with the issues related to the effective management of TSOs,

3.  to equip them with the necessary tools and techniques needed for effective contribution to the society by TSOs.